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Complete skin transformation trial kit for normal to oily skin types


Discover the transforming power of Nu-Derm with this trial-size kit. The Nu-Derm system offers a complete prescription-strength regimen that helps to diminish the appearance of age spots, dark spots, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, and discoloration.


The Obagi Nu-Derm System Trial Kit for  normal to oily skin types includes:

  • Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel (2 oz)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Toner (2 oz)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Clear (2 oz) RX Only
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte (1 oz)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Blender (1 oz) RX Only
  • Obagi Sun Shield™ Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (1 oz)


Contains prescription products.

Obagi Nu-Derm® Trial Kit - Normal to Oily

Only 4 left in stock
    • normal skin
    • oily skin
    • hyperpigmentation and melasma
    • skin aging
    • skin discoloration
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